A Microguide to Bordeaux

A Microguide to Bordeaux was written and conceived by Sophie for Bottlenotes, publishers of the popular email newsletter about all things wine, The Daily Sip. It includes an overview of “Bordeaux Basics.” It describes the region’s classic grape varieties, spotlights historic cities, towns and wineries, and recommends itineraries for two to five day trips. The Microguide also includes practical tips for enjoying Bordeaux wines at home, be it purchasing wines or pairing them with your favorite foods. After reading this guide, you will understand that contrary to popular belief, Bordeaux wines are not always expensive and a trip to the region is by no means out of reach.  


Sunlight Held Together by Water: A Year in the Vineyard 

A collaborative work with the artist Bob Chaplin, Sunlight Held Together by Water is a tribute to the cycle of the vine. It takes the measure of the seasons not by the calendar or the height of the sun, but by chronicling events in the vineyard. With emphasis on the connection between people, places, vineyard sites and wines, the photo and prose essay juxtaposes unique terroirs from around the world with the universal nature of the vine's annual cycle.